ARK launched its ARK Preparedness Promise Campaign at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in December, 2007. The goal of the ARK Preparedness Promise Campaign is to raise awareness on preparedness and to have 20,000 youth promise to prepare an emergency supply kit.  As part of the ARK Preparedness  Promise Campaign, ARK volunteers distribute fliers that contain information on how to prepare an emergency supply kit, and solicit promises from youth to prepare a kit.  Those who promise to prepare an emergency supply kit receive an ARK Preparedness Promise bracelet, to encourage other youth to do the same.  The Campaign has extended from coast to coast, with special projects at Columbine High school in Colorado and at Ground Zero in New York.

Preparedness is essential in the face of disasters and the ARK Preparedness Promise Campaign makes information available to make a kit.  After taking the ARK “Preparedness Promise”  to make a disaster preparedness kit, the promisor is given a supply list and an ARK Preparedness Bracelet. The list includes many items that are recommended by ARK and the Department of Homeland Security for effective preparedness. The Preparedness Bracelet symbolizes the commitment  of the promisor to prepare for disasters.  All proceeds support ARK projects.